Reviving the blog!

Hey guys, ClaireBlue here and I will be reviving The Valid Place of the taken with Sims Freeplay demos!
The Sims Freeplay is a mobile game made by EA and Firemonkeys that was launched in 2011 (when I was 10-years-old).
I was inspired by The Girl Who Games who can be viewed here (thanks, TGWG) and my dad gave me the idea. I will post the pictures for the blog on my Facebook before downloading them and uploading them here.
Here are some pictures:

Today, 30th April 2017, marks a new era for The Valid Place of the taken!

Um... So yeah... absent

Hey guys, I baaaack!
I have some news for you:
Green Wings Man got over 100 reads late last year.My godfather got married and he and his wife are expecting a baby in July.I lost a neighbour to Bowel Cancer. I went to a chocolate factory on my 15th birthday (16th August 2016) for a chocolate workshop.  All of my relatives and friends survived 2016 (including my godfather's mother who turned 60 in July) I started playing The Sims.I am working on a couple of projects.Completed my mocks.Visited Glasnevin Cemetery and touched the coffin of Daniel O'Connell.I joined Facebook and Instagram. I received some Roald Dahl 100 books and became a spokesperson for Aspergers.  So yeah, I  am through writing Green Wings Man - Teenage Cyborg,working on Green Wings Man - The Legacy of Green Cyborg and some other projects.

We are number one but Stingy claims everything

Please don;'t tell me something obvious.

GWM UPDATE: in memory

Green Wings Man: The Legacy of Green Cyborg will be dedicated in memory of Edd Gould who also died on 25th March 2012. I am working on the first part of it now and a timeline.
 RIP Edd Gould (28.10.1988-25.3.2012)

Sub Books

So last night on April Fools Day, I went serious with this:
Today, Word Autism Awareness Day I decided after each book that there will be a sub-book that would have unabridged version of an event from the book.
Teenage Cyborg's sub book will be about Green Cyborg's death, funeral and legacy. It will have questions for the name of the chapters e.g: Why didn't Green Wings Man, his only nephew, didn't attend the funeral? and If  Green Cyborg was human, would've it been natural causes?

 Burren Swings' sub book will be about Chief Lumberbell's brother with the same formula.
Ordinary Road's sub book will be about The writer of the journals of Andy49, Jean50 and Bruno55.
Emerald Eyes will be about How Green Wings Man's birth changed Kelsey's depressed life.
Leap Year Double will be about  The history of the Generation Millennium gems.
Mystery Hex will be about Kelsey's death and legacy.

Now, on that same, I realised that I was not the only one read…

First Book of Kelsey Sr's Legacy

Last night wen I about to go to sleep, I thought of a name for the first book of Kelsey Sr's Legacy. I chose the theme of mystery as there are things left behind and one of them will be mentioned first in Leap Year Double.  The themes for the Irregular Hexagon books are:
Teenage Cyborg: Getting use to change
Burren Swings: Finding the rarities of life
Ordinary Road: Dealing upcoming milestone
Emerald Eyes: Seeking new ways with milestone
Leap Year Double: Building a future for the family

Anyways, the first book of Kelsey Sr's Legacy is called  "Mystery Hex" as I have been watching a lot of things on the Superman curse.